AirPol Clients Spotlighted

With over 1,400 wet scrubber installations, AirPol has an extensive client list including a variety of air pollution challenges and complex installation requirements. Here are a few highlighted air pollution control systems for clients served domestically and internationally.


Chevron USA
Bakersfield, California area – nine SO2 absorbers (soda ash) for 74 oil-fired boilers

Erie, Pennsylvania – dual systems comprised of a wet electrostatic precipitator (WESP), venturi, ash-handling system, instrumentation, ductwork and support steel

Georgia Pacific
Cedar Springs, Georgia – two venturi scrubber systems, each of 450,000 acfm capacity for pulp and paper power boiler exhausts with 325-feet tall stacks, support, and access stair towers, ductwork, and instrumentation

Pharmaceutical company
Puerto Rico – two wet absorber systems for HCl and SO2 removal

Shell Oil Company
Kern County, California – 16 SO2 absorbers (soda ash) for 53 oil-fired boilers

Lenzing Fibers
Axis, Alabama – two AirPol WESPs for synthetic fiber manufacturing plant


Aalborg Portland Cement
Aalborg, Denmark – absorber system, heat-recovery ductwork, fan, and stack

China Huaneng Group
WuXi, China – flue gas desulfurization (FGD) scrubber system for two 44MW utility boilers

Orinoco Iron Co.
Venezuela – six venturi systems for iron-ore-reduction plant, including fans, ductwork, stacks, and support structures

Chinese Petrochemical Development Corp.
Kaohsiung, Taiwan – SO2 absorber system for 60MW cogen plant