PCC and AirPol joining forces announcement

PCC and AirPol have joined forces!

For Immediate Release:   (Pittsburgh, PA) On March 8, 2021, Process Combustion Corporation (PCC), a global supplier of air pollution control equipment, acquired the assets of AirPol, LLC, a global supplier of scrubber systems used to control air pollution. AirPol will maintain its market branding, while being integrated into the PCC global network of companies. It…
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Retro fit venture=i

AirPol Venturi Scrubber for Power Boilers in the Pulp & Paper industry

With over 80 Venturi Scrubber installations on Power Boilers in the Pulp & Paper industry AirPol has been busy providing continued consulting and guidance in support of Boiler MACT related compliance and equipment maintenance and restoration. In many cases equipment that had been in service for 35 to 40 years has been reconditioned or upgraded with…
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Construction Kansas City

New AirPol Acid Gas Absorption Scrubbing System

AirPol has recently completed the supply of an Acid Gas Absorption Scrubbing System for Bayer CropScience through Process Combustion Corp, Pittsburgh, PA. The equipment is being installed in the Bayer, Kansas City, MO plant on the exhaust from a waste stream thermal oxidizer. AirPol has supplied over 40 such systems over the last 30 years to many…
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News RI

Economic Growth & Job Creation + Clean Air Benefits for the State of RI

The recent major expansion of a Processing Plant for precious metals recovery and recycling was permitted with the installation of an AirPol combination wet scrubber system for particulate control and acid gas absorption. Melting furnaces are employed to process electronics and computer waste and scrap components such as printed circuit boards, connection cables, wire, etc.…
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