Air Pollution Control Services

For over 50 years, AirPol has served as a resource to help businesses meet mandated air pollution control standards. Whether it’s design only, design plus key components, or complete design and material supply, our engineering team provides customized air pollution control services to meet each client’s unique pollutant control needs…effectively, efficiently, and economically. We do this by using high-quality materials that will withstand adverse conditions to yield a maximum service life. However, why we do what we do is what sets AirPol apart from competitors. Although we always strive to exceed our clients’ expectations, we are driven by a vision to be responsible stewards of the environment to create a cleaner, better, and more sustainable planet for the benefit of future generations. The industries we serve are vital to the manufacturing of products and our systems aid in the overall efficiency of production.

AirPol’s air pollution control services include:

Engineering and Design

  • design and installation of multi-pollutant air pollution control (APC) systems
  • engineering design plus material supply of key components
  • existing system performance review and design optimization


  • venturi and cyclonic scrubbers
  • wet electrostatic precipitators (WESPs)
  • spray towers, tray, and packed bed absorber towers

Field Services

  • commissioning & start-up services
  • operator training
  • annual inspections
  • system optimizations
AirPol Services