Air Pollution Control Solutions

Pulp and

web scrubbers

For 50 years AirPol has provided custom-designed solutions for the pulp and paper industry.

Mining and Specialty Metals Recovery

Venturi Separator System

Gold mines and other precious metals recovery processes utilize high-energy venturi scrubbing.

Acid Gas

Eastman Kodak

Acid gases are removed from dirty airstreams by absorption into an alkali liquid.

Gasification and Syngas Scrubbing

Skygas Scrubbing

Venturi scrubbers removes the compounds generated from the gasification process.

Chemical and Specialty Processes

Venuri and Separator Pulp and Paper Lime Slaker

Robust air pollution control systems are required in the manufacturing processes.


Industrial Boilers

WESPs help smaller industrial boilers comply with the published Industrial Boiler MACT Standard.



WESP technology represents Best Available Control Technology for removal of fine fibers and organic mists.

MACT Standards and New EPA Rules

MACT Standards & New EPA Rules

New EPA rules require control of fine particulate matter and some acid mists.