Acid Gas Absorbers

The diversity of industrial and chemical process operations requires customized design of air pollution control systems. Wet scrubbers such as acid gas absorbers using various stages of spray towers, quenchers, and chemical absorbers can be combined to optimize scrubber water reuse and recirculation opportunities.

AirPol’s open spray tower is a high efficiency and maintenance-free acid gas absorption system proven by successful installations.

Absorption Spray Towers

AirPol’s acid gas absorbers or packed absorber have demonstrated long-term compliance with Federal Maximum Achievable Control Technologies (MACT) and Best Available Control Technologies (BACT) Standards.

AirPol Advantages

  • very high and adjustable absorption efficiency
  • low-pressure drop
  • special design to minimize scaling or buildup or reacted salts
  • specially designed spray distributors and nozzles to minimize nozzle plugging
  • accommodates high gas temperatures
  • tolerates high dust loads
  • high-efficiency mist elimination
  • NaOH or Na2 CO3 reagents


  • boiler flue gas desulfurization (FGD) and HCl removal
  • HF/SO2 absorption in the aluminum industry
  • lime sludge kilns for SO2 control
Spray Tower

Packed Towers

AirPol’s packed tower effectively absorbs odors and gaseous compounds through the countercurrent flow of gases and scrubbing liquid over a packed media bed. The action provides intimate contact needed for efficient, thorough absorption and chemical reaction required for a wide range of industrial processing operations.

AirPol Advantages

  • high removal efficiency to meet the most stringent emission requirements
  • lower pressure drop for economical energy use
  • wide selection of packing materials to meet specific requirements
  • no moving parts or high-velocity areas assure maintenance and trouble-free operation
  • gas channeling is prevented by proper spacing of internal components which results in increased efficiency
AirPol Packed Tower


  • incineration
  • Cl, Br. F gases
  • SO2  removal
  • chemical
AirPol Packed Towwers at a Pharmaceutical Plant

Tray Scrubbers

AirPol Advantages

  • good particulate removal efficiency
  • high acid gas absorption efficiency
  • excellent for gas cooling and heat recovery
  • accept high gas temperatures
  • medium pressure dro
  • greater resistance to solid buildup
  • high-efficiency mist elimination


  • particulate removal
  • acid gas absorption
  • gas cooling
  • heat recovery
Tray Tower