Established in 1968, AirPol is singularly focused on providing superior quality air pollution control equipment for our clients. AirPol engineers were instrumental in developing the modern venturi from the original prototype, particularly as it pertains to wet scrubbers with large gas volumes and with hot corrosive gases. The AirPol venturi has been installed all over the world to support a variety of industries that require very high efficiency in the removal of submicron particulates.

Over the years, we learned the importance of creating custom solutions for our clients. Instead of being a single-solution provider, we tailor our services to specific needs and quote only on the services required, which range from design services only to equipment only to field services only. This one-stop-shop approach provides clients with the security that they are only paying for what they need.
Our 50 years of experience and technology development give us a unique competitive advantage in wet scrubber design and acid gas controls. And we’re proud to say we have more experience in wet scrubbing technology than any other company in the world . Our innovations and achievements over the years include:
  • more than 1,400 wet scrubber installations, including 300 flue gas desulfurization (SO2) units
  • supplier of acid gas scrubbing systems utilizing a variety of reagents, such as caustic and soda ash
  • development of the modern venturi from the original prototype
  • increased control and absorption efficiencies through progressive design and hardware improvements
  • consistent success in history of repeat business in controlling acid gas and particulate emissions from combustion processes, iron and steel, mining, pulp and paper, and textile industries
We have earned an excellent reputation for superior engineering, system fabrication, and dedicated service, and we are committed to continually improving the product quality and system efficiencies.