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PCC and AirPol have joined forces!

For Immediate Release:   (Pittsburgh, PA)

PCC and AirPol joining forces announcement

On March 8, 2021, Process Combustion Corporation (PCC), a global supplier of air pollution control equipment, acquired the assets of AirPol, LLC, a global supplier of scrubber systems used to control air pollution.

AirPol will maintain its market branding, while being integrated into the PCC global network of companies. It will serve as the scrubber technology arm of the broad-based, diversified technology offering of PCC. For a complete overview of PCC and AirPol's technology offerings, visit our websites; or

For more information, you can contact Mike Foggia, Business Development and Marketing Manager, or Steve George, Product Line Manager,

Process Combustion Corporation is a Pittsburgh-based air pollution control equipment supplier with global operations in the United Kingdom, Beijing, China, and in Mumbai, India. PCC engineers and designs systems ranging from stand-alone units to very complex, fully-integrated, multi-technology control devices.

The AirPol division of PCC address will be:

300 Weyman Road, Suite 400
Pittsburgh, PA 15236

All AirPol phone numbers and e-mails remain unchanged: 973-599-4400 (main); -4402 (engin.); -4404 (parts and service) & fax 973-428-6048/

The AirPol division Engineering and Sales Team under the direction of Steve George, Scrubber Technology Manager is always available to address all past and future client needs.


300 Weyman Road
Suite 400
Pittsburgh, PA 15236

(973) 599-4400

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